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My mission is to provide Alzheimer’s education, resource information and support for Hoosier Alzheimer’s caregivers as they take this journey with their loved one.

This website has only been a concept in my mind for a few years.  The idea began as my Capstone project as a requirement of my Master's of Science degree in Gerontology (the study of the aging process). 

My social work experience included being an Alzheimer's educator and has involved providing fundamentals of dementia education and in-services to the staff of the two nursing facilities where I was the Alzheimer's director.

I was trained by the Alzheimer's Association on how to provide Alzheimer's education and how to manage an Alzheimer's unit.  My academic experience with Alzheimer's disease came through my courses at the   University of Indianapolis, where I received my Master's degree in Gerontology.

In conversation with caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer's disease, I have found that there is a lack of education about the disease, available resources and support systems for them in their community. 

Physicians want to provide this information, but their time with patients is limited, as is their knowledge about the available resources in their community.  My physician, in particular, said he would like to see a website that was Indiana-specific.

The extensive research I have done for this website has also reaffirmed the need for one website for caregivers in Central Indiana to be able to find the information they are in need of. 

From a concept to a reality, my website is up and running.  I am so grateful to the many caregivers, physicians and my instructors at the University of Indianapolis who have taken time out of their busy schedules to provide me with their insights.

This website has become more than just a project for my degree-it is my passion.  I consider it a privilege to assist caregivers on this journey with their loved one.

I am available for Alzheimer's disease education presentations.  If you are interested, please use the form on the contact me page.

Best Always,