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St. Vincent's Center for Healthy Aging

Geriatric Assessment Program

Their Geriatric Assessment Program includes the following:

• Physical examination

• Neuropsychological evaluation (this includes cognitive & memory testing)

• Functional assessment

• Nutritional assessment

• Review of medications by a clinical pharmacist

• Possible laboratory studies

• Neuro-cognitive diagnostics (head, CT, MRI, sleep study)

• Care Management consultation for resources and coping mechanisms

• On-going medical cognitive assessments
 as needed

• Outpatient mental health referral, as needed

This exam includes but is not limited to an inventory of medications (prescribed and over the counter), nutritional status, functional abilities, emotional and physical coping mechanisms and memory capacity. 

These appointments are scheduled for a Monday or a Wednesday morning only.

Final results are discussed and recommendations are presented to the patient and family in a follow-up visit.
Geriatricians may follow-up in four to six weeks, every six months, and/or annually.

A written report of Geriatric Assessment recommendations are given to the patient/family, and results of any tests performed are mailed to the primary care physician.

For more information or to schedule an assessment, please call: (317) 338-7780.


Indiana University Health
Senior Services

Indiana University Health Senior Services treats diseases of aging with an emphasis on memory loss, depression, medication problems, mobility and decline in function. IU Health Senior Services supports and enriches the lives of older adults through medical treatment, education, counseling and research. Our efforts and programs grow from our deep understanding of older adults and from a genuine desire to help each person live a healthy, happy life. IU Health Senior Services can be the difference between feeling alone and feeling better.

IU Health Senior Services earned the distinction of 25th best clinical
geriatrics program in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report 2011 – 2012 edition of America’s Best Hospitals. Their caregiver team blends the skills of geriatricians, physicians who specialize in the health problems of older adults; geriatric nurse practitioners; geriatric social workers and other health professionals. They work in partnership with your primary care physician to ensure complete and balanced care.

To schedule an appointment or to request a free brochure about IU Health Senior Services, please call 317-962-2929.


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